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April 1998-Present: Technical Writer, Inet Technologies, Inc.
Plano, Texas

Mr. Largent is a writer with more than fifteen years of experience in various writing fields (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, literary criticism, technical, and web content). He has seven years of experience as a technical writer, most of it in the cultural resources and telecommunications fields. At Inet, a telecommunications equipment provider, Mr. Largent's primary task is to user documentation for the company's proprietary telecommunications surveillance products.

October 1997-April 1998: Technical Writer, Comrise, Inc./AT&T, Inc.
Middletown, New Jersey

During the course of his employment with Comrise, Inc., Mr. Largent was contracted out to AT&T, Inc., as a technical writer. He was responsible for maintaining and updating the documentation for the Call Detail Recording Monitor system, including three manuals and more than 160 on-line help files. The help files were written in UNIX ASCII, while the manuals were maintained on Adobe FrameMaker. During the last two months of his employment with Comrise, Mr. Largent telecommuted from his home in Ruchardson, Texas.

1993-1997: Project Archaeologist, Geo-Marine, Inc
Plano, Texas

In addition to his technical writing experience, Mr. Largent is a professional archeologist with ten years of experience in all phases of archeological research. Although active as a field researcher in college, the bulk of his archeological experience is in cultural resource management. His experience includes Phase I cultural resources survey, Phase II data recovery (site excavation), geoarcheological fieldwork and assessments, National Register of Historic Places site assessments, and artifact analysis. At GMI, Mr. Largent was responsible for coordinating and directing field supervisors and crews for survey, testing, and data recovery field efforts and for preparing project reports. His previous experience includes projects in Alabama, California Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Texas. He has participated in numerous large-scale projects, and specializes in conducting cultural resources surveys and assessments for U.S. military bases (for example, Ft. Polk, Ft. Riley, Ft. Rucker, and Ft. Sill).

Mr. Largent's areas of professional interest and expertise include:

1992-1993: Project Manager, R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates, Inc.
New Orleans, Louisiana

From January 1992 to July 1993, Mr. Largent worked as Project Manager for the firm of R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates, Inc., of New Orleans, Louisiana. While there, he was responsible for directing various cultural resources surveys and prepared technical survey reports for Joint Readiness Training Center expansion and timber sales at Fort Polk, Louisiana. He also directed the cultural resources survey and testing and produced technical reports for Southern Natural Gas Company's Pipeline Expansion in the vicinity of Phenix City, Alabama and Columbus, Georgia. Mr. Largent served as field crew member and assistant Project Manager for cultural resources survey of the ENRON Phase III Pipeline Expansion project in Louisiana and Florida, a magnetometer survey of East Cote Blanche Bay in Louisiana for Louisiana Dredging Company, and site testing at the Baton Rouge Riverfront expansion project.

1991-1992: Archaeological Technician, Fort Buford Archaeological Project
Texas A&M University

From September 1991 to January 1992, Mr. Largent served as Archaeological Technician for the Fort Buford Archaeological Project at Texas A&M University. His duties included size-grading, sorting, and analysis of archaeological materials from excavations at Fort Buford, a military fort from the Indian Wars period of American history located in North Dakota.

1991: Surveyor and Field Technician ASTREC Archaeological Project
College Station, Texas

In October 1991, Mr. Largent worked as a Surveyor and Field Technician for the ASTREC Archaeological Project near College Station, Texas. His duties included pedestrian survey and test excavations at two Late Prehistoric sites located on an extension of the Texas A&M University Main Campus near College Station, Texas.

1989: Field Excavator and Laboratory Technician Texas A&M Archaeological Field School
Grant County, New Mexico

From June to July 1989, Mr. Largent served as a Field Excavator and Laboratory Technician for the Texas A&M Archaeological Field School in Grant County, New Mexico. Among his duties were the test excavation of two Classic Mimbres Mogollon pueblos (the NAN and Oldtown Sites) located in Grant County, New Mexico for Texas A&M and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and the subsequent sorting and labelling of the recovered artifacts in the project's field laboratory.

1989-1991: Principle Investigator Little Pin Oak Creek Archaeological Project
Winchester, Texas (thesis project).

From September 1989 through October 1991, Mr. Largent directed the Little Pin Oak Creek Archeological Project, his thesis project. During the course of this project, he undertook all aspects of site recordation and analysis, including the preparation of a site report. Among his duties were the pedestrian survey, mapping, and testing of a multicomponent archaeological site (41FY53) located in Fayette County, Texas; laboratory analysis of materials recovered during this and previous excavations; extensive spatial and lithic analyses; supervision of volunteers working in the field and in the laboratory; correlation of a decade's worth of data; and preparation of the final site report.


Refereed Professional Articles:

1989. Reinhard, Karl J., Richard H. Brooks, Sheleigh Brooks, and Floyd B. Largent, Jr. Diet and Environment Determined from Analysis of Prehistoric Coprolites from an Archaeological Site near Zape Chico, Durango, Mexico. Journal of Paleopathology 1(1):1-5.

1991. Largent, Floyd B. Jr., Michael R. Waters, and David L. Carlson. The Spatiotemporal Distribution and Characteristics of Folsom Projectile Points in Texas. Plains Anthropologist 36(137): 323-341.

1995. Largent, Floyd B. Jr. Some New Additions to the Texas Folsom Point Database. Plains Anthropologist 40(151):69-72.

Non-refereed Professional Articles:

1989. Largent, Floyd B. Jr., and Elinore Stewart. A Folsom Point from Live Oak County, Texas. La Tierra 16(1):36-37.

1990. Largent, Floyd B. Jr., and Michael R. Waters. The Distribution of Folsom Points in Texas. Current Research in the Pleistocene 7:27-28.

1993. Largent, Floyd B. Jr., and Joseph B. Wilson. The Paleoindian Occupation of the Little Pin Oak Creek Site, Fayette County, Texas. Current Research in the Pleistocene 10:30-32.

1996. Largent, Floyd B. Jr. and Debra L. Beene. Testing of Two Caddoan Village Sites at WOCMA. Cultural Resource Management News and Views 8(2): 15-16.

Technical Reports:

I've authored more than 80 reports, cultural resources assessments, environmental impact statements, and environmental assessments in the field of cultural resources management, as well as more than ten other reports in the telecommunications field. A comprehensive list is available upon request.

Unpublished Theses:

1988. The Distribution Patterns of Folsom Projectile Points in the State of Texas. Unpublished Undergraduate thesis on file with the University Undergraduate Fellows Program, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.

1991. The Prehistory of the Little Pin Oak Creek Site (41FY53), Fayette County, Texas. Unpublished Masters thesis on file with the Department of Anthropology, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.

Popular Articles:

Largent, F.B. Jr, 1988. "Soviet Science Fiction: The Flip Side of Socialist Realism" (factual essay). Science Fiction Research Association Newsletter, Fall 1989.

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(This article has been reprinted several times on the Internet and has been collected in a literary database maintained by SIRS Mandarin, Inc.)

Largent, F., 1998. "Fatal Contact: the Fort Parker Massacre, 1836." True West. December 1998 issue.

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Book Reviews:

Largent, Floyd B., Jr., 1999. A Review of James Merrell's Into the American Woods. American History, August 1999, p. 67.

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Largent, Floyd B., Jr., 2001. An author interview and review of William Osbourn's The Wild Frontier. American History, in press.


Largent, Floyd B., Jr., 2000. 100 Great Places to Sell Your Short Stories, Both on and Off the Web. 56 pp. Roberts Publishing, Inc. (www.robertspublishing.com).

Web Content:

Largent, Floyd B., Jr., 1996-2000. TheHistoryNet.com. Two articles, "Grant's Indian: The Life of Ely Samuel Parker, Seneca Chief and Union General" and "Dr. Le Mat's Extraordinary Confederate Grapeshot Revolver," as well as several book reviews. [http://www.thehistorynet.com]

Largent, Floyd B., Jr., 1999-2000. StudyWeb.com. Provided more than fifty website reviews for the Quantum Physics, Black Holes, and Big Bang subject sections. [http://www.studyweb.com]

Largent, Floyd B., Jr., 2001-2001. Teen.com. Provided two music reviews for the website. [www.teen.com]

Largent, Floyd B., Jr., 2000. ZapMe.com. Site review for The Victorian Web, at http://landow.stg.brown.edu/victorian/victov.html. [http://www.zapme.com]

Largent, Floyd B., Jr., 2000-2001. Pagewise.com. Sixteen short articles on a variety of subjects. [http://www.writeforcash.com]

Professional References:

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