About myself:

I'm a 35 year old native Texan currently residing in Richardson, not far from the heart of the Telecom Corridor. I work as a professional technical writer for a manufacturer of telecom equipment, located literally just down the street from my house. Until late 1997, I was an archeologist by trade; however, limits to advancement, limitations to the field in general, and my own disillusionment forced me into a more profitable line of work. I'm been a freelance writer for over 15 years. My children, Foxy and Mercedes, are four and two, respectively. Foxy can speak, roll over, lie down, play dead, turn in a circle, shake hands, and sit on command. Mercy sits, speaks, shakes, dances, and bows so far. They also bark a lot and chew up my stuff, which is normal since they're dogs. Foxy's a Pomeranian; Mercy is a coonhound mix.



Look for my most recent book review, for William Osborn's The Wild Frontier, in an upcoming issue of American History magazine. Big bookstores like Barnes and Noble and Borders always have copies, and if it's out-of-date there's always the library!

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