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Texas A&M University at College Station, Texas Richland College, Dallas, TX


I'm a professional writer, archeologist, and historian, whose writing experience includes seven years of technical writing in the cultural resources management field. I've written continuously for more than 15 years, and in the course of the last decade I've published numerous poems, several short stories, 15 popular articles on a variety of subjects, and seven professional papers within the field of archeology. Many of my popular articles have been published on the Internet as well as in print media. I've also authored or coauthored approximately 80 technical reports, Environmental Assessments, and Environmental Impact Statements (samples and a complete list of all publications, technical and otherwise, are available upon request).



Computer Skills: Proficient with WordPerfect, MS Word, and FrameMaker (all versions). Adept with MS-DOS (through ver. 6.22), Microsoft Windows 3.x-98, America On-Line, Internet Explorer, and Netscape. Working knowledge of Oracle, UNIX, PowerPoint, Excel, and MS Office.

Language Skills: I'm a native English speaker, but I can speak, write, and read Spanish to a limited extent.


Professional Articles:

Reinhard, Karl J., Richard H. Brooks, Sheleigh Brooks, and Floyd B. Largent, Jr. 1989. Diet and Environment Determined from Analysis of Prehistoric Coprolites from an Archaeological Site near Zape Chico, Durango, Mexico. Journal of Paleopathology 1(1):1-5.

Largent, Floyd B. Jr., and Elinore Stewart. 1989. A Folsom Point from Live Oak County, Texas. La Tierra 16(1):36-37.

Largent, Floyd B. Jr., and Michael R. Waters. 1990. The Distribution of Folsom Points in Texas. Current Research in the Pleistocene 7:27-28.

Largent, Floyd B. Jr., Michael R. Waters, and David L. Carlson. 1991. The Spatiotemporal Distribution and Characteristics of Folsom Projectile Points in Texas. Plains Anthropologist 36(137):323-341.

Largent, Floyd B. Jr. 1994. Some New Additions to the Texas Folsom Point Database. Plains Anthropologist 40(151):69-72.

Largent, Floyd B. Jr., and Joseph B. Wilson. 1994. The Paleoindian Occupation of the Little Pin Oak Creek Site, Fayette County, Texas. Current Research in the Pleistocene 11:30-32.

Largent, Floyd B. Jr. and Debra L. Beene. 1996. Testing of Two Caddoan Village Sites at WOCMA. Cultural Resource Management News and Views 8(2): 15-16.

Popular Publications:

Largent, F., 1985. "Haiku Cycle: A Deer Herd" (poem). Sanctum Quarterly, Fall 1985.

Largent, F., 1986. "Haiku Cycle: Homeward Bound" (poem). Poetic Symphony: Music from the Heart, p. 64, edited by Lincoln Stevens.

Largent. F., 1987. "Mindscape" (short story). Trajectories 1(4):26-28.

Largent, F.B. Jr, 1988. "Soviet Science Fiction: The Flip Side of Socialist Realism" (factual essay). Science Fiction Research Association Newsletter, Fall 1989.

Largent, F., 1989. "The Birds" (poem). Litmus: The Literary Arts Journal of Texas A&M, 1989 edition.

Largent, F., 1989. "Gears of Knowledge" (poem). The Unknowns, Spring 1989.

Largent, F. B. Jr. 1994. "Canine Identification." The Trapper and Predator Caller. July 1994, pp. 40-41.

Largent, F. B., 1994. "Guns for the Union: The Starr Arms Company, 1856-1867" (article). America's Civil War, September 1994, pp. 24-26.

Largent, F., 1995. "Fort Buford: Guardian of the Northern Frontier" (article). True West, June 1995, pp. 23-28.

Largent, F., 1995. "The Chief's Mother: The Life of Cynthia Ann Parker" (article). Persimmon Hill, Autumn 1995.

Largent, F., 1996. "Grant's Indian: The Life of Ely Samuel Parker, Seneca Chief and Union General" (article). America's Civil War, September 1996, pp. 54-60. Also published electronically on The History Net (www.thehistorynet.com).

Largent, F., 1996. "Dr. Le Mat's Extraordinary Confederate Grapeshot Revolver" (article). Military History, October 1996, pp.74-78. Also published electronically on The History Net ( www.thehistorynet.com).

Krapf, K.A. and F. Largent, 1996. "The Black Seminole Indian Scouts in Texas" (article). Persimmon Hill, Winter 1996, pp. 73-75.

Largent, F., 1997. "The San Patricio Battalion: American Deserters in the Mexican-American War." True West, August 1997, pp. 35-40.

Largent, F., 1998. "Windigo: A Native American Archetype." Parabola: Myth, Tradition, and the Search for Meaning. Fall 1998, pp. 22-25.

(This article has been reprinted several times on the Internet and has been collected in a literary database maintained by SIRS Mandarin, Inc.)

Largent, F., 1998. "Fatal Contact: the Fort Parker Massacre, 1836." True West. December 1998 issue.

Largent, F., 1998. "The Last Confederate General" (article). America's Civil War; scheduled for October 1997 Internet issue (www.thehistorynet.com), but has not yet appeared.

Largent, Floyd B., Jr., 1999. "The Florida Quagmire." American History, October 1999, pp. 40-43.

Largent, Floyd B., Jr., 2001. "Lamar and the Indians." Persimmon Hill. In press.

Largent, F. , 2001. "The First Horse." U.S. Kids (in press).

Book Reviews:

A Review of James Merrell's Into the American Woods. American History, August 1999, p. 67.

A Review of Eric Shultz and Michael Tougias' King Philip's War. American History, p. 68.

Largent, Floyd B., Jr., 2000. A review of Mike Sagna's Crazy Horse: The Life Behind the Legend. American History, December 2000, pp. 73-74.

Largent, Floyd B., Jr., 2001. An author interview and review of William Osbourn's The Wild Frontier. American History, in press.


Largent, Floyd B., Jr., 2000. 100 Great Places to Sell Your Short Stories, Both on and Off the Web. 56 pp. Roberts Publishing, Inc. (www.robertspublishing.com).


1992-1997: Authored or coauthored more than 80 propriety cultural resources documents, including technical reports and environmental impact statements. Customers included the U.S. military, INS, Federal government, various state and local governments, and various private organizations.

1997-date: Authored or coauthored approximately 25 proprietary telecommuncations documents for AT&T and Inet Technologies, Inc.

Distinctly Digital Services, Inc., 2000. Provided technical documentation for a New York-based dining website.


Largent, Floyd B., Jr., 1996-2000. TheHistoryNet.com. Two articles, "Grant's Indian: The Life of Ely Samuel Parker, Seneca Chief and Union General" and "Dr. Le Mat's Extraordinary Confederate Grapeshot Revolver," as well as several book reviews. [http://www.thehistorynet.com]

Largent, Floyd B., Jr., 1999-2000. StudyWeb.com. Provided more than fifty website reviews for the Quantum Physics, Black Holes, and Big Bang subject sections. [http://www.studyweb.com]

Largent, Floyd B., Jr., 2001-2001. Teen.com. Provided two music reviews for the website. [www.teen.com]

Largent, Floyd B., Jr., 2000. ZapMe.com. Site review for The Victorian Web, at http://landow.stg.brown.edu/victorian/victov.html. [http://www.zapme.com]

Largent, Floyd B., Jr., 2000-2001. Pagewise.com. Sixteen short articles on a variety of subjects. [http://www.writeforcash.com]

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